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Earn $5 For Every Free Referral In Just 5 Minutes

Follow Just 2 Simple Steps When Any Referral Does You'll Earn $5 Everytime!
This really works, I've been Paid!

Step One

Join with your PDC Sponsor & add your Level Rewards ID to the Downlinebuilder by clicking here. (Your referral link/id is on the Status page on upper menu, Eligible countries are U.S, Canada, Australia and the UK.)

Level Rewards is a task site which levels you up by giving you points depending upon the tasks you complete. Yeah, I know we've seen these before. But this one is different!

At just level 1 you qualify to earn $5 for every referral who joins and reaches level 1 too.
In step 2 I'll show you how to level up to 1 for free in a matter of minutes!

Not only that, your referrals here will use this same process to level up to 1 so you get paid!
Which is daily btw thru paypal and other payment options. Get signed up, leave it open and follow step 2.

Step Two

To level up to 1 you'll need to complete a task. Scroll down the different offers to find Nielsen Rewards. Yup, the same company that does the TV ratings.

To complete this task, all you have to do is answer a few quick questions & download their app. It's completely safe, won't slow your machine down etc.

Just follow the simple instructions and you'll be rewarded the point in about a day, (mine was quicker than that)

As soon as it clears, you'll be at level 1 which means you get $5 instantly when any referral of yours does the same! How easy is that for unlimited $5 payouts?

Now use the coop credit generator & other tools I share here to get referrals to Paid Daily Club. When they join Level Rewards they'll be your referral as long as you put your ID in the Downlinebuilder! (once you've got a level up referral too, just put in a payment request, it's pretty quick too!)

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